Waste Management Services

Waste Aside specializes in the reduction, recycling, removal, reclamation, treatment and reporting of waste generated
in the domestic, industrial, commercial, municipal and mining sectors. Our operations are based on the core of practices encouraged in the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) and embrace the principles prescribed in ISO14001. We provide our clients with a safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and responsible solution to waste and
recycling management activities. Waste Aside fully complies with the spirit of the NEMA, and strives to continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental management methodology and technology.Our onsite cleaning teams train and supervise the generators to separate and classify all waste into recoverable and
non-recoverable items and ensure minimum final disposal volumes. Then either by sorting at the client’s premises or at
one of our Material Recovery Facilities (MURF’s) we are able to recover value from the recycling, reducing the overall
costs for our clients and assisting them in a cleaner and greener lifestyle.