We supply a wide range of hygiene services and products to cover all areas of your business premises. These include:

• We install, refill and maintain these soap dispensers for better hygiene in your kitchens and bathrooms.
• Toilet Hygiene Services: From femcare bins and safe seat dispensers to toilet roll holders our hygiene services and
products ensure that your toilet cubicles stay clean and hygienic.
• Air Freshener Dispensers: Our air freshener dispensers ensure fresh and quality air in your bathrooms and any other selected areas.
• Hand Dryers: We provide and service both air hand dryers and paper towel dispensers’ dependent on your needs, budget and volume of use.
• Dust Floor Mats: These trap dirt and dust and protect your floors from being damaged.
• Industrial Floor Mats: These are industrial floor mats that are specifically designed to deal with heavy spillage and grease residue.
• Contract Cleaning Services
• Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers