Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services focus on those Environmental Aspects that we believe affect us all the most, namely the air we breathe and the water that we drink. In monitoring emissions that can adversely affect air and water quality, we assist our clients in managing their Environmental Impacts, thus assisting them with compliance to the requirements and intentions of the NEMA; Act 107 of 1998.

Our Air Pollution monitoring services are tailored to assist clients in meeting the latest stringent, demanding and challenging Statutory, Air Pollution Compliance and Data Reporting Requirements, in terms of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act 2004; Act No.39 of 2004. Services include EIA Monitoring, Isokinetic Stack Sampling, Stack-Gas/Emission Sampling, Pollutant Dispersion Modelling (Ambient Environmental Risk Assessment), Fall-out Dust Monitoring and PM-10 Monitoring, as well as Environmental Noise Impact Assessments.

Our Water Quality and Soil Pollution Monitoring Services cater for the evaluation of all forms of natural occurring-, processed soiled and effluent water, against Statutory (National Water Act; Act 36 of 1998) and other South African National Standards i.e. DWAF Standards as well as International recommendations.